High Blood Pressure: क्या बढ़े ब्लड प्रेशर में आप पापड़ और अचार खा सकते हैं? जानें

High Blood Pressure: Controlling high blood pressure is a lifetime work. It depends on your attitude to a large extent. How do you spend a lifestyle that can keep you fit, healthy and disease free. As far as the first solution is concerned, avoiding alcohol and controlling salt intake is high. Hypertension patients need to be adopted on a daily basis. Nutritional dietitian Munmun Ganeriwal has told some tricks which will help in keeping your blood pressure under control and healthy.

Use the right type of salt- Ganeriwal says that you must eat pink salt, black salt or rock salt as non-refined salt. These salts present an excellent balance of sodium and potassium. In contrast, iodized salt provides only sodium and does not provide potassium.

Do not eat processed and packet food. There are not only chemicals in it to keep food safe, but processed and packaged food can also reduce the ability to absorb nutrition. These foods affect the ratio of sodium and potassium and balance of water. The result of which can have a negative effect on blood pressure.

Pickles and papads can be eaten- This can be a surprise for those who control blood pressure at home. But eating pickles and papad is suitable for the patients. Hypertensive patients can eat homegrown pickles because they contain the correct strain of living bacteria, which plays a role in reducing blood pressure. Eating papad prepared at home also has other benefits. It is prepared with protein-rich pulses and spices such as black pepper and cumin. These spices add therapeutic quality to papad.

Ensure a sound sleep Six to eight hours of relaxed sleep is essential for people with high blood pressure. Make sure that you have the same time every day to sleep and wake up.

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