Health Tips: सावधान! चाय के साथ इन चीजों का सेवन भूल से भी न करें, सेहत होगी खराब

Tea is such a thing that almost wave is made in the house. People fond of tea are often seen enjoying tea and pakoras. But after drinking tea and drinking tea, it is very important to take care of many important things, otherwise your health can be affected.

While drinking tea, you have to keep in mind that what type of tea you drink. If you are drinking green tea, do not eat anything with it. At the same time, you can eat biscuits with milk tea.

At the same time, having high turmeric content after tea can have a bad effect on health. The chemical elements present in tea and turmeric can damage the digestive system by producing chemical reactions in the stomach and can produce harmful elements for the stomach.

At the same time, many people have the habit of drinking lemon tea. In such a situation, tell you that this tea can cause serious problems of acidity and digestion. Along with this, drinking water immediately after tea causes many problems in our stomach. Drinking water immediately after tea causes wrinkles on the face.

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