Health Tips: संतरा खाने पर लगाएं ब्रेक, वरना होगा ये नुकसान

Health is good by eating fruits. Orange is the favorite fruit of the people. There are many benefits of eating oranges but at the same time eating oranges in winter also has its disadvantages. Today we are going to tell you about the loss of eating oranges in this story.

Harm from eating oranges

1. Bone related problems
Orange is considered the best source of vitamin-C. But on one hand, while it protects you from colds, on the other hand, having too much vitamin C in it can cause calcium loss in the body. Because of which you may have to face problems related to bones. In addition, eating too much orange can also increase the problem of osteoporosis. Therefore, people who have problems related to bones, they should eat orange in a limit.

2. Increased blood sugar
If you have a habit of drinking orange juice in the morning, then change this habit. Because empty stomach orange juice can increase your blood sugar level.

3. stomach discomfort
Apart from vitamin-C, the other element which is high in orange is fiber and due to eating more oranges, this fiber gives you health as well as stomach related problems like pain and diarrhea. Its lava, if you drink orange juice before eating, it can cause your stomach cramps.

4. Orange can increase weight
Vitamin C is essential for maintaining the body’s metabolism. But if the amount of vitamin C is high then it can spoil your metabolism and slow down the process of weight loss. Which can trigger a weight gain problem. In addition, eating more oranges increases the amount of fiber and carbohydrates in your body, which leads to more hunger and makes it difficult to control weight.

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