Health Tips: रोज नहाने से हो सकती है ये गंभीर समस्या, जान लें

If you also avoid bathing in winter then it is good. Yes, you will be surprised to read what we are saying but it is true. If you do not take bath everyday then it is good for your health. Usually people avoid bathing many times in winter but are too shy to tell this thing to anyone. But now you do not take a bath after being cold because bathing daily causes damage to your skin.

What does research say
According to two recent research, if you think that you are doing very well by taking daily bath then you are thinking wrong. Actually, too much bathing damages the microbiome present in the body, ie small organisms. Due to damage of microbes, there is a problem of acne.

Although research has seen the effects of excessive bathing on the microbiome. But officially, nothing has been said about how many times a week should be taken to prevent deodorant from the body and to prevent microbiome from getting damaged.

Why microbiomes are important
Microbiome is a collection of many types of microbes, bacteria and viruses on which the human body remains alive. Also, they are necessary for the health of every human being. Our entire body is dependent on the entire community of microbes. They protect us from Germs. Protects from food allergies as well as produces vitamins.

According to research, microbiomes are also important for humans because without it a person’s immune system, digestion and heart stop working.

What does research say before?
In 2014, during a research by researchers, it was also claimed that these sweat-drinking bacteria also contribute to the treatment of severe wounds. Research has also found that metabolis is the most major digestive of bacteria called ammonia, which improves skin health and also treats various skin disorders.

A similar research in 2015 found that these bacteria are commonly found in the underarm and sweating. Dr. Dan Bowdon of York University says that these bacteria come out of the under-organisms and become active by joining the microbiota.

This is also the reason for bathing-
According to another research, bathing every day removes essential oil present in the skin, which makes the skin dry and there is no shine in the skin. Not only this, red spots start appearing in the body and pain starts. This increases the risk of skin disorder. However, if you massage your body with oil daily, then you can avoid this danger.

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