Health Tips: काजू खाने के हैं ये नुकसान, जान लीजिए वरना गंभीर समस्या होगी

The Indian people have no answer in the matter of food and drink. People like different dishes very much. People in India are crazy about dry fruits. Especially people love cashew nuts. However, eating more cashew nuts has a bad effect on health. Let’s know about this in this story.

Eating raw cashew nuts is very dangerous for health. It may taste delicious but it is dangerous for health. Let us tell you, there is a long process in making raw cashew nut to be eaten. Cashew also increases weight. It is believed that 3 to 4 cashews have about 163 calories and unsaturated fats.

With this, let us tell you that adults need 1500mg sodium daily, more than this amount of sodium causes high blood pressure stroke, heart and kidney related diseases. At the same time, 3 these 4 cashews contain 5mg sodium, if they are without salt. Because the amount of sodium in cashew nuts containing 3-4 salt is 87mg. That is why try and eat less cashew nuts.

At the same time, there is another disadvantage of eating cashew nut and that it causes more food allergies as well. The most important thing is that the acids present in tyramine and phenylethylamine cause headache for many people.

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