Health Tips: कहीं आप तो नहीं करते गर्म पानी से नहाते वक्त ये गलती, सर्दी में रखें इन 10 बातों का ध्यान

It is freezing in North India. To keep the body warm in winter, people take a bath with hot water, wear warm clothes and consume coffee. But if some things are not taken care of then these things can harm our health.

Today we are going to tell you about 10 such precautions, which will be avoided by following the diseases. Know what those precautions are.

  1. As soon as the winter season starts, people start bathing with hot water. But taking a bath for longer than hot water on cold days is not good for health. Skin cells called keratin are damaged by hot water, due to which the problem of itching, dryness and rash increases in the skin.
  2. People wear more and more warm clothes to avoid the harsh cold. But doing so can be dangerous. This can lead to body overheating. In the cold, our immune system produces white blood cells that protect us from infections and diseases. But if your body is overheat then the immunity is not able to do its job properly.
  3. Thirst is less in the cold, due to which people drink less water. But the body needs water. Water comes out of the body in urination, digestion and sweat. Therefore water should be drunk in full quantity. Body dehydration starts due to not drinking water. Because of this, there can be problems in kidney and digestion.
  4. In winter, it is very good to cover hands and feet with glove and sock before sleeping at night. This makes your sleeping quality much better.
  5. In winter, one should complete sleep only during sleeping time. Keep in mind that in winter the night is long and the days are short. Because of such routine, circadian cycle is disturbed. Along with this, production of metallonin hormone which gives sleep in the body also increases. Due to this, there is sluggishness throughout the day and the naps come.
  6. Do not avoid getting out of the house due to cold. If you do not get out of the house, your physical activity will decrease, which will increase your weight. With this, the body will also not get vitamin D from the sun’s rays.
  7. Do not stop exercise due to cold. If physical activity becomes zero then it has a bad effect on our immune system. So start cycling, walking or any workout.
  8. Cold cough, cold, or fever definitely surround the problem. Often people start taking medicines on their own without doctor’s advice. But doing so can be dangerous. Therefore, on the advice of the doctor, start taking any medicine.
  9. People start consuming tea and coffee as soon as the cold season starts, and as the cold increases, the consumption of tea and coffee also increases. But it should be kept in mind that excessive intake of caffeine is not good for our body. One should not drink more than 2 or 3 cups a day.
  10. The body needs more calories to combat cold. This is the reason that there is more hunger in winter. For more calories, we should not eat hot chocolate or high calorie foods and consume more fiber and fruits with more fiber.

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