Fried food Side Effects: क्या आप तला भोजन खाने के शौकीन हैं? जान लीजिए दिल को कितना है खतरा

Fried food side-effects: Researchers have told the disadvantage of eating too much fried food. They say that eating fried food can increase the risk of heart failure by 37 percent. The other risk of heart diseases increases by 12 per cent by eating only 114 grams of extra fried foods like chips or fried chicken in a week. Researchers at Shenzhen University of China have revealed. He concluded by quoting 23 research involving more than 1 million people.

Loss of eating fried foods is evident

Non-healthy diet has also been linked to stroke or heart attack. They say that the risk of stroke or heart attack and heart diseases can increase from 22 to 28. Researchers have suggested several explanations about their discovery. Fried foods contain high amounts of dietary fat and lead to the consumption of excess energy, which can increase the risk of heart problems. A research study has found that people who eat four or more times in a week are 37 percent more likely to get fat, which leads to heart problems.

Increases risk of heart related diseases

Another research study showed that hydrogenated vegetable oil, often used for cooking in fried foods, contains harmful trans-fatty acids. In addition to this, researchers said that salt is usually added to fried foods. He concluded, “Our research has found evidence of severe effects of eating fried foods on heart disease and may be favorable for dietary instructions.” To reduce the amount of total fat intake, the World Health Organization has suggested limiting the intake of fried food.

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