Coronavirus: देश में कोरोना के कुल एक्टिव केस 2 लाख से नीचे, 7 महीनों में पहली बार इतना नीचे आया आंकड़ा

New Delhi There is a sharp decline in the cases of corona in India. The cases of corona falling continuously are a news of relief for the whole country. According to statistics, this is the first time in the last seven months when active cases of corona virus have been reported below 2 lakhs across the country. Before this, on June 26 last year, the number of corona patients across the country was recorded below 2 lakh.

There are 1.97 lakh active cases in the country

A total of 1,05,82,647 cases of Corona have been registered so far in the country. Out of this, 1,02,27,852 patients have been cured while 12,52,493 patients have died. At present, the number of active corona cases across the country is 1.97 lakh. In the last 24 hours, the number of corona deaths across the country has been less than 150, which is the lowest in eight months.

Matters are decreasing rapidly in Delhi

Corona cases are also decreasing rapidly in the country’s capital Delhi. In Delhi, 161 new cases of corona have been reported in 24 hours while 362 people have been properly discharged and 8 people have died due to corona. So far, a total of 10,754 people have died due to this epidemic in the capital. Corona currently has 2,335 active cases in Delhi. The fear of infection in Delhi has come down to 0.32 percent.

1924 new cases in Maharashtra

On Monday, 1924 new cases of corona virus were reported in Maharashtra. At the same time 35 people died. With this, due to this epidemic, the death toll in Maharashtra has increased to 50,473. On Monday, 3,854 patients were discharged after recovering. Currently, there are 50,680 active cases of Corona in the state. Maharashtra, Kerala and Bengal are the only three states in the country where the death toll due to corona is in double figures. 21 people have died in Kerala in the last 24 hours and 12 in West Bengal due to corona.

82 cases in Jammu and Kashmir and 53 new cases in Goa.

82 new corona cases were reported in Jammu and Kashmir on Monday. With this, the number of infected people has reached 1,23,425. There are a total of 1,111 active cases in the state while 1,20,392 patients have become healthy. 53 new corona patients have been found in Goa.

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