Coronavirus: कोविड-19 वैक्सीन को नए वैरिएन्ट के खिलाफ अपडेट करने की होगी जरूरत- रिसर्च

Coronavirus: The infection-resistant vaccine will need to be redesigned against a rapidly expanding new variety in South Africa, while formerly Kovid-19 victims may not be protected against infection again. Sensational disclosures have been disclosed by the scientists of the Government of South Africa.

Kovid-19 vaccine will need to be updated

According to the report, the mutations occurring in the new variety 501Y.v2 or B1351 variants make the antibodies present in donated blood plasma of Kovid-19 patients sufficiently resistant. Research suggests that people who have already recovered from Kovid-19 are more likely to be infected a second time, and the vaccine applied worldwide may be less effective.

The new variety came to light at the end of last year, prompting a worldwide travel ban. Researchers found that the ability of antibodies to neutralize the corona virus in people with the new type of disease was markedly reduced by 8 times. This means that in the lab test, 8 times antibodies were required to make the new virus type B1351 inactive against the old varieties.

Less effective against new variants of corona virus

Research from researchers at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases in Johannesburg has not yet been published. Researchers reported that the strength of antibody-enriched plasma varied widely. Blood plasma’s ability to inactivate the corona virus was effective up to 64 percent in some patients suffering from the new variety and in others it was 100 percent effective.

The scientists wrote that 21 out of 44 patients involved in the research did not recognize the ability to inactivate the virus. They cautioned that the new variety increases the apparent risk of re-infection of Kovid-19 and that urgent need to accelerate the vaccine To be redesigned with Cases of re-infection with the new variety B1351 have been reported in South Africa.

An 8-fold reduction in the ability to inactivate the virus is the World Health Organization standard. Based on that, the vaccine of seasonal influenza needs to be updated. However, both infections are not directly comparable. The B1351 variant, first exposed in South Africa, is different from the previously encountered B117 variant in England. Both variants share a mutation in spike proteins that makes them more contagious.

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