सौंफ से भी आप हासिल कर सकते हैं स्वास्थ्य के ये फायदे, जानिए चाय और पानी बनाने के तरीके

Fennel is one of the most used spices in India. It is used in various preparations of our kitchen. This makes the dish tasty and fragrant, but people do not know that fennel also has health benefits. Apart from making tea, curry tasty and fragrant, fennel can also benefit your overall health. Minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron and copper are found in it.

Being excellent for your overall health, it must be made part of your daily diet. One way is using fennel water or fennel tea. One must know about the method of making fennel tea or water at home and the benefits that can be given to health.

How to prepare fennel water?
Mix one spoon of fennel in a glass of water. Now keep it soaked overnight. Use it first in the morning.

How to prepare fennel tea?
Mix water and a spoon of fennel in a vessel. Do not boil that water because all its nutrition will be gone. Turn off the heat or keep it covered with a plate. In this way yellow will turn into tea. Now drink 2-3 times a day.

Benefits of drinking fennel water or fennel tea

Relieves digestive problems
If you are facing digestive problems, then you should start drinking fennel tea or fennel water daily. Aniseed removes all digestive problems by promoting the production of gastric enzymes. It keeps the digestive system healthy. It also treats constipation, indigestion and bloating.

Maintains blood pressure
Being full of potassium, fennel is excellent for your body. It helps in controlling the blood pressure of your body. Apart from this, it also helps in controlling your heart rate.

Work as a blood purifier
The essential oil in fennel helps in removing harmful toxins from the body and this addition helps in cleaning your blood. Drinking fennel tea will help your body absorb more nutrition.

Reduces period pain
Drinking fennel tea or water will help with pain during periods. It also helps in dealing with the symptoms of menopause. Most women face irregular periods and fennel is also helpful in dealing with irregular periods cycle. Chewing fennel can help in bringing Mahavari.

Helps lose weight
Fennel helps to increase your metabolism. Apart from this, it also helps in reducing weight. You can keep yourself full for a long time by drinking fennel tea or water and this way you will stop eating non-healthy food.

It is also suitable for skin
Fennel is also beneficial in the treatment of skin. Aniseed has anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties that help in the fight against acne. Drinking fennel water will also help in giving healthy glow to your face.

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