सर्दी में मूली खाने के फायदे हैं अनगिनत लेकिन इसके नुकसान से भी रहें सावधान

Winter vegetable: As soon as the winter season starts, radish also starts getting easily in the market. The vegetable used in salads has countless benefits on health. People are often not aware of such benefits, due to which they ignore them. Radish is eaten and cooked in most Asian countries.

Diet experts say that 100 grams of radish contains 18 calories, 6 percent dietary fiber, 2 percent calcium, 36 percent vitamin C and 4 percent magnesium, while its use is considered to be good for healing the digestive system. According to experts, there is also a lot of iron in phosphorus, calcium and vitamins in radish and its effect is cold. Experts have told that radish is a seasonal vegetable which should be used at a minimum. In this way, it can be taken advantage of the effects on health.

Patients get benefit by eating radish- Radish is a suitable vegetable for stone patients. Eating as a salad benefits the sufferer in stone disease. With its daily use, the stone dissolves and becomes fine and comes out of the body. In leucorrhea disease, patients also benefit from eating radish. Such patients should drink radish juice daily. The juice of radish leaves is also beneficial.

Thyroid victims should not eat- Radish is definitely suitable for you. Its food is generally safe, but thyroid sufferers should avoid excessive use as excessive amounts can interfere with the production of thyroid hormones.

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