बढ़ते कोलेस्ट्रॉल से हैं परेशान, ये योगासन साबित हो सकते हैं कारगर

If the amount of cholesterol in the body increases, then the risk of heart related diseases also increases. Balancing it with the right and healthy lifestyle is considered the most effective way. The balance of diet and regular exercise keeps the cholesterol level in balance.

Now talking about healthy lifestyle, it is also important to mention Yoga. Recent research has proved that Yoga has not only proved effective in controlling many diseases but has also become the key to a healthy life. According to the report, through yoga, the body keeps cholesterol under control without any side effects.

Tells you about some special yogasanas like this.

1. Kapalbhati

In this Yogasan, the toxins of the body are released through respiratory activity and the metabolic rate increases, reducing weight. Apart from this, it is also effective in removing stomach disorders. It also strengthens the digestive system.

2. Chakrasana

Troubled by rising cholesterol, this yoga can prove effective

Problems related to the stomach are diagnosed through this asana. It also strengthens the liver due to which the problem of cholesterol is controlled.

3. Shalabhasan

Troubled by rising cholesterol, this yoga can prove effective

In this posture, the shoulders and arms are emphasized, in addition to the effect on the muscles of the stomach, the digestive process is improved.

4. Sarvangasana

Troubled by rising cholesterol, this yoga can prove effective

This simple is very beneficial in maintaining and strengthening our mental and physical health. Please tell that it is also called the ‘queen of rugs’.

5. Pashimottanasan

Troubled by rising cholesterol, this yoga can prove effective

This posture reduces the fatness of our body and at the same time relieves excess fat from the stomach.

6. Ardh Matsyendrasana

Apart from stimulating the liver and helping with indigestion, this posture also massages the abdominal organs and makes your spine more tender.

Control cholesterol in the beginning

They all know that the food we eat creates cholesterol in our body. Junk food, deep fried food and meat etc. increase cholesterol in our body. Due to this, we have to face many problems. But if we include yoga in our daily routine, then we can get rid of many diseases. Yoga also removes our mental stress along with our body. It also prevents cholesterol from rising in our body. Therefore, we should do yoga regularly.

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