जानिए सिगरेट का धुआं उड़ाते हुए चाय पीने के पीछे की वजह, क्या विज्ञान समर्थन करता है?

Tea and cigarettes are a mixture that works strangely. So often you have seen smokers smoking cigarettes with tea. The presence of nicotine in both tea and cigarettes is not only equal, but both act as catalysts for calm and comfort. Because of which people enjoy drinking smoke and tea. You should know what is the reason that tea is consumed with cigarettes.

Nicotine and blood sugar level- Cigarettes contain nicotine. Smoking can cause carcinogenic diseases such as mouth cancer. When the smoke leaves the nicotine enters the body and spreads to the bloodstream. Nicotine causes instability in blood sugar levels as it affects the ability of cells to use glucose from the blood. It can cause sudden dizziness.

Nicotine can reduce the body’s anti-oxidants and cause oxidative stress. Tea is an excellent anti-oxidant that is economical and is easily available. To make the mind young and active, people resort to drinking tea which reduces oxidative stress and also restores the activation of the brain.

Experiment has proved that green tea has a greater effect on smokers than black tea. Medical research has also revealed that green tea and black tea inhibit carcinogen-induced cell transformation in smokers.

Benefits of drinking tea with cigarettes Nicotine reduces the flow of saliva and causes symptoms of dry mouth. Green tea or black tea are liquids that can reduce dryness of the mouth. Hot tea calms the throat irritation caused by cigarette smoke. The tea is economical and acts as a soothing agent for stress. According to the report of the American Association for Cancer Research, green tea can reduce the risk of cancer.

One research has reported that drinking green tea and smoking has reduced anxiety in people because it interferes with the neurotransmitter receptor. An amino acid called L-thienine found in it helps in reducing anxiety. L-thienine also helps in increasing memory, attention and concentration. Green tea increases body metabolism and dissolves fat, which results in weight loss.

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