क्या आप सर्दी में गर्म पानी से नहाना पसंद करते हैं? जानिए इसके साइड-इफेक्टस

When it comes to bathing in winter, we all feel lazy and often appear to avoid it. His direct solution is seen taking a bath with hot water. But if you prefer to take shower with hot water, then think once. Researchers have proved that bathing with hot water during winter season is not only very painful but it is also dangerous for health.

Affects fertility- Scientists say that bathing in hot water for more than 30 minutes can affect fertility. Therefore, people who have fertility problems should use normal temperature water. Soaking in a tub of hot water is definitely not advisable.

The reason for making the skin dry is- Bathing with hot water gives comfort and can make you sleep after leaving the bathroom. But in its side-effects, it will not energize you but will make you sluggish.

Skin wrinkles are caused by- Every person likes fresh and young looking skin, but after bathing with regular hot water, your skin looks very wrinkled and bulging very quickly.

The reason for hair fall is- Pouring hot water on the head can damage the root of your hair, due to which too much hair starts falling.

What is the right way to bathe? Avoid bathing too much. Just taking 5-10 minutes is enough. As soon as the skin dries in winter, it becomes necessary to moisturize your skin. For this it is better to use glycerin. You can use olive oil or coconut oil to soften the skin. If you are washing your head and hair, then make sure that the water is only slightly warm. In winter, it is a good idea to apply oil to your hair before shampooing.

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